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What is our role in the Entertainment landscape?

List Entertainment plays by its market stimulus and detailed understanding of the client needs, to prepare any event or promotion in a Cost Effective, time-bound way with quality checks and flawless activation. Our Commitment to excellence and integrity in everything do makes us stand out from the crowd and results into our highly commendable success rate.

Who owns List Entertainment?

What makes you special from others?

Our talent management approach incorporates an integrated process that helps design a talent program and the related infrastructure for attracting and developing critical talent, their right positioning for brands as well as ensuring their commitment.

Our talent management consultants help companies primarily in reevaluating their talent needs and aligning these with the business goals. Additionally, we help our clients increase the competency, productivity, innovation, and customer-centricity levels through designing human resources programs in line with their new talent goals.

Why has List Entertainment recorded so much event success?

List Entertainment’s cross Media team has a wealth of experience in professional event management and provides a comprehensive range of event, conference and meeting management services.

We can offer holistic management where we manage every element of your event, from planning and venue sourcing to preparation and the event itself. Alternatively, you can select the services you specifically require to complement your own in-house event management resources. We are flexible in our approach and can tailor our services to your requirements to ensure you achieve your goal.

Whom do we work with?

Our specialist team at List Entertainment work with musicians and record labels of all styles and genres to promote new singles, album releases.

Waht makes our music promotion special?

At List Entertainment we understand that every artist and record label have one goal for their music: getting it out there into the world. Since every artiste, genre and geography has different goals and needs, we offer specialized, tailor-made music promotion to artists based in both Locally and international, which is to help you: Broaden your audience, Be heard by radio stations and Earn recognition from the media outlet.

How long have list entertainment been leasing equipments?

We provide responsive, competitive lease services for your events. Providing great communication between all parties involved helps our customers understand and choose the best possible solution.

Since 1993 List Entertainment maintains an excellent track record of providing of superior service. Our repeat customer base speaks for itself. We do a great job and have a vested interest in your business success.

Who do we bring events to live ?

There's nothing like a live band to liven things up - from birthday parties and weddings to bat/bar mitzvahs or corporate functions. We've got every type of band, for every type of event.

We provide life Bands and musicians for every occasion. From function and wedding band hire to swing and jazz bands, we've picked the very best on offer.

As a one-stop entertainment agency, we also provide string quartets, wedding musicians, harpists, and DJs to cater to all your requirements. With over a decade in the business our expert live music consultants are here to help you every step of the way, so why not give us a call for some friendly advice.

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