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Floda Graé

Singer, Floda Grae who was once a part of the Afro Entertainment family has gone out to confirm that she was physically abused by her husband and uKhozi FM DJ - Ngizwe Mchunu. The couple got married back in 2015 and have seemingly had an ok marriage despite the alleged drama that unfolded in the media between Mchunu and his other two wives. Just recently, the singer released an Instagram story lambasting people who ignored her when she was being physically abused last year.

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Floda Graé, she’s the bomb from South Africa and she keeps on raving with fire as she drops not one but two massive single entitled What You Do and Ran Away.

One intriguing thing about the music industry is when a new artist that #kinda showed up from the background suddenly becomes the one in the foreground, on top of music charts and claiming all the honors. This is the pattern of story every bookie in the music industry has predicted about Floda Graé.

Listening to her songs, you can hear her sound is a mash-up of pop, West Indies vibe flavored with African strings and lingos. This lady is the newest breed of African performing artist; she’s an unbelievable bunch of talents unfolding right before our eyes.

Born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal coastal South African province known for its beautiful sceneries of beaches, mountains and safari destination, home to black and white rhinos, lions and giraffes, Floda is listed as one of the most versatile upcoming artists from South Africa. She delivers like she’s been in the game for years.

Armed with a charming look and distinctive music talent that makes her standout wherever she goes, with her songs like ‘What You Do’ and ‘Ran Away’, she continues to prove she knows her onion and takes no prisoners. Floda Graé and her Music are flying high to greatness. If you are a music aficionado, you need to update your playlist with these two songs. It’s available on every platform.